Kung Fu

 SIZES: 8.25, 8.38, 8.5, 9.0 and 10.43. Concave: Mellow.

Our skateboards are manufactured in the United States with USA/Canada Hard Maple and Franklin Skateboard specific glue.

Revoked - Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

For every Revoked deck purchase, a deck will be given to a young skater in need at a local San Diego skatepark.

We give either homeless kids, or kids that come from low income families skateboard products. We have already given out a board at Washington Street as well as to many kids in our local neighborhood.

Purchasing one of these skateboards will not only treat you to a brand new deck, but also give back to the community, and support a local skate company.

Free Revoked skateboards are handed out at skateboard parks throughout San Diego by our Skate for Change San Diego chapter managed by Revoked.