Revoked Skateboards

All decks displayed below are available for order. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER ONLINE.

SIZES & SHAPES AVAILABLE ONLINE: 8.25, 8.38, 8.5, 9.0 XL and 10.43 Old School (pin nose / square tail). Concave: Mellow.

CONTACT US FOR CUSTOM SIZES & SHAPES: 7.5, 7.63, 7.75, 7.88, 8.0, 8.13. Concave: Steep.

Revoked skateboards are manufactured in the United States with USA/Canada Hard Maple and Franklin Skateboard specific glue. Die-cut grip and stickers also available.

Model: Owning - Skateboard Deck
Model: Stag - Skateboard Deck
Model: RrMOB - Skateboard Deck
Revoked & Company - Steal Face - Skateboard Deck
Buck-O-Nine - Motel 6
Buck-O-Nine - Fun Day Mental
Model: Lambert - Skateboard Deck
Model: Rollin' Stone - Skateboard Deck
Model: Spartan - Skateboard Deck


All decks come with a couple stickers. Below are some of our stickers that may come with your order. All stickers are available for order separately as well. Minimum order quantities may apply. Contact Revoked for minimum quantities and pricing.

SIZES: 2", 3", 4", 5" and custom.

revoked tucker skater ollie sticker
revoked 3 flip sticker
revoked steal face sticker
revoked devils advocate sticker
revoked screamer sticker
revoked molotov sticker
revoked dotcom sticker
revoked bomdekover sticker
revoked peace sticker
revoked hollow eyes sticker
revoked kickback sticker
revoked Hitler cop sticker
revoked scary clown sticker
revoked 90s street skater sticker
Rhino by DJ Ocean