Nate and Skelton reviewing skateboard footage

Revoked Skateboarders Inc. launches as an official not-for-profit association in New South Wales, Australia

As of January 5, 2023 we have recently established Revoked Skateboarders Inc. as an official not-for-profit association in New South Wales, Australia with the aim of rolling out a regular skateboard program for the Braidwood community and eventually other rural areas.

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Braidwood Community Skatepark Launch

Braidwood Community Skatepark Launch

The Braidwood community is announcing the launch of its new skatepark. Respect Park is an inclusive community space that seeks to put Braidwood on the action sports map.

30 years of advocacy for the Braidwood Skatepark has finally paid off!

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Josh Utley - I Never Leave OB

‘I Never Leave OB’ skateboard decks available at OB Hardware

There is a stocking stuffer of a different sort for Christmas this year in Ocean Beach.

The “I Never Leave OB” skateboard deck and hardware come in black and white and are now available at OB Hardware, 4871 Newport Ave. The unorthodox gift comes just in time for the holidays, thanks to Josh Utley of RMOB Revoked Skateboards & Co.

It occurred to Utley while skateboarding by the hardware store, “How cool it would be for OB Hardware to offer its hardware to local skateboarders and skateboard shops in Ocean Beach.”

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Donated skateboard to Ocean Beach Students

Revoked Donates Skateboards to Local Students at 10th Annual Skate for the Kids Day

Fundraiser for Ocean Beach Elementary marks its tenth year fostering a love of skating in local school kids while contributing to their education.

Revoked donates skateboards to Ocean Beach Surf & Skate Shop and the Ocean Beach Elementary PTA who are partnering to host the 10th Annual Skate for the Kids fundraiser on Sunday, May 15, 2022 from 12-3 p.m. at Robb Field Skate Park. This event serves as a fun way to bring the community together, foster a love of skating, and encourage healthy habits while supporting our beloved neighborhood school.

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2019 Clash at Clairemont Grind for Life

Revoked Supports People with Cancer through their Event Sponsorship

After the passing of Josh Utley's father-in-law, he and Beto Schram decided to sponsor the Clash at Clairemont Grind for Life to help people with cancer. Over the years we've donated skateboards to various events to raise money for people with cancer and this event at the Krause Family YMCA Skateboard Park was a natural next step for us.

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Josh Utley handing out socks in downtown San Diego

Revoked to operate local San Diego chapter of Skate for Change

Revoked is proud to operate the local San Diego chapter of Skate for Change as of 2018. Member since 2012.

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