What is the story with Revoked ?

Welcome to the journey of those who are willingly and purposefully withdrawn from the mainstream (Revoked) we hope you too are where you want to be and doing what you love.

The beginning of Revokedcan be traced back to Ocean Beach & Point Loma where we all grew up. We always used to say... "There is no leaving San Diego."

Back in the day... We were family and we still are. A lot of time has passed over the years and even though visits between us become fewer we are all still close. Even now the adventures we embarked upon in our youth are fresh in our memories and we are experiencing new adventures daily, meeting new people and new friends. The journey continues... We're still going strong and are grateful to be alive. Some of us have families and others are making our way through life with what we know and doing what we love.

Many among us are creative in various ways. Each one of us expresses ourselves differently. We don't need to try and kill ourselves trying to be the best or nor do we wish to bragg. We ᴙr good people. We work at your local grocery market, sporting goods stores, skate shops, we fix air conditioning, we ᴙr chef's preparing your meal or lathing out night vision goggles for our troops, or tending to zoo animals and serving you drinks and spinning your favorite jams and ensuring your event's lighting and sound are done professionally. We ᴙr the Mob. We ᴙr the People. The People ᴙr the Mob.

As there is a need we produce skateboards and give them to local kids we find in need. If you've ever needed a skateboard but couldn't afford one when you were young you understand. If you now find yourself in a position to support these kids with a new deck, grip and some wheels then click one of the below buttons. All proceeds go towards decks, grip and wheels. Thank you for having a heart!

Note that the PayPal option runs through our parent company Intrepid Network, Inc. which is our legal umbrella who's FEIN makes this whole cause possible. The owner, Josh Utley, who ensures every dime is accounted for and properly distributed. He's also the guy who reads all the legal stuff and is in the process of turning Revoked into a 501(c)(3) Organization. We have no paid professionals. Our team is our friends and family. We're not in it for the $. Though, it's money that we need to spread the love. So, if you dig it, choose one of the options below and hook a kid up with something that just might change their life for the better.


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